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Alice in Analysis
Music & Lyrics by Kim Rich
Directed by Douglas E. Huston
Musical Direction by Paul L. Johnson
Choreography by Jaymes Hodges and Denise Rivers

Produced by Centerfold Productions and Douglas E. Huston
The West End Theatre
February 14th - March 10th, 1997
Vivian Bayubay, The Dormouse
William Broderick*, White Knight/Unicorn
Joshua Brown, The Mock Turtle
Margaret Burnham*, Alice
Jerry Coyle*, The March Hare
Julie David, The Duchess/The Red Queen
Kristie Lee Dickson, The Cheshire Cat
Mary Grace*, The White Queen/The Queen of Hearts
David Greenwood, The White King
Greg Horton*, The Mad Hatter
Doug Marcks, Ensemble
Jack Mertz, The Doctor
Maria Turnage, Ensemble
John Justin Whitney, The Caterpillar

*Member Actors Equity Association


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